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Mô tả của Augment

Augment lets you view any photo or image on your walls, using augmented reality. Don't try to guess anymore in which size you need to print a poster, test it !

If you have a problem or a bug in Augment please usehttp://getsatisfaction.com/augmentedevinstead of the comments so I can answer you.

NEW! You can now do Cubes with Augment.

What's a Cube? Take a Width, a Height and a Depth, you've got a Cube. Then, grab some images from Internet, crop them and glue them on the faces of this cube, wow, it looks almost real ! (Ok, the object you are cubifying should be somewhat cubic)

At the end Augment Cube is all about previewing objects and products at home when all you have is just a couple of photos and the dimensions.

The easiest way to create your custom Cube is to browse the internet for the images you will put on the cube, and share them from the browser. In the share dialog you select Augment Cube and then the face on which you want to place the image. Repeat that for all the faces you want to texture and you're done.

When your Cube is done, Share it ! When you share a cube it goes in the Gallery where everyone can view it in augmented reality. Look at the gallery to see what others have shared.

Watch this video to get a quick tutorial.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6tdhDYN_fE&feature;=relatedBrowse the whole AllPosters.com collection (more than 850000 products) and test any product on your wall in augmented reality.

You can also search for any item, share it, use it as WallPaper or buy it on the website.

Pictures, painting, posters, t-shirts and a lot more in fields as different as movies, music, fine art, people...

Sometimes Allposters webservice is down for maintenance and the galleries won't work, in this case please retry later.


In order to display the augmented reality objects on your smartphone, you need to print a marker, it's just a black and white page. You can get the file to print there :http://markers.augmentedev.comWhat can you do with Augment ?

-Visualize the posters, paintings, photographies at home by scanning Qr codes.

-Put any photo on the wall and customize its size with the tip of your fingers.

-Access the poster printing websites comparator and find the best !

-Explore the available art galleries and experiment how it would look on your walls.


The augmented reality should work on most android devices running 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. However some devices may not work because they are not powerful enough. Anyway, give it a try, it's free. **

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